Become a Virtual Assistant the Right Way

Six Steps to becoming a Professional Virtual Assistant.

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Welcome to REVA your
Reliable Efficient Virtual Assistant

I am ready to share with you my knowledge, skills and expertise. I am here to help you become a Professional Virtual Assistant where you are in charge of creating a successful long-term business for your future.

Are you ready to be your own boss?
A Boss that decides when you work, where you work and who you work for? If you are ready then I am ready to show you how to do just that. Put the fear to one side because I’ve got your back to help you become a Virtual Assistant.

Is Being a Virtual Assistant Really for You?


Ready to step up to the challenge of running your own business?


Confident that your administration skills are top notch?


Prepared to take responsibility for the work you will produce?


Comfortable with the idea of working remotely with clients anywhere in the world?


Ready to take control of how, where and when you work?

If you have answered a resounding big YES then welcome on board because
I am going to help you be all of that and more!

How do You Become a Professional Virtual Assistant?

The quickest way of course! I am going to take you through a six-step process to help you set up the foundations to your VA business. An easy to follow process that will help you gain a real understanding of what a Virtual Assistant is, the role a VA plays in supporting clients but more importantly supporting you. I will show you how to clarify your skillset, your potential niche services as well as how to manage client expectations and so much more.

I have taken the hard lessons I’ve learn over the years and created a process that will help you move quickly, so quickly that once you have completed these six steps, you will be confident that you are ready to start marketing your service.

The knowledge I have to share is endless, in fact it goes far beyond the world of a Virtual Assistant and if you want to learn all about that click below to gain a clear insight into who I am, what I have achieved and all that I learned over the years and ready to share

Did You Say You Want to Learn More?

I cannot wait to share more of my knowledge with you. Along with my foundation course on how to become a Professional Virtual Assistant, each month I will be adding mini courses on topics relating to everything you need to understand to help manage your business. But the best part about that is that everything you learn through these mini courses will add to the skills you can provide to your clients!

Those that know me, know that I live, breath and eat business! It is my passion and I want to be able to share that passion with people just like you. Are you ready to learn? Are you ready to put a system in place that will help you share your knowledge and skills? Are you ready to help others improve their businesses?

If you are ready let’s go! Let us take on the world of remote working and together we will thrive. Click on the link below to schedule a discovery call and together we can work out if it is the right choice for you.

Not Quite Ready to Join the Virtual Assistant World?

I understand this is a big decision and you might need more time to think about it, and when you are ready I’ll be here to help you through the process.

But before you “click on out” of this website do me one favour. Sit still, and tell that niggling voice that is in your head right now that you’ve got this! You have nothing to fear because you are a capable, intelligent, super organised and efficient individual and you won’t let yourself down!

In fact it’s your duty to every struggling business owner out there to let them know that you have the skills, knowledge and expertise that can and will help them to grow their business also! I promise once you start you will not want to go back because you will value your freedom to choose when you work, where you work and who you work for!

Remember you will not be on your own, I am here to support you to. Take a chance, let your curiosity wonder and click HERE to see the options that are available to you.

See you on the other side where I welcome you into my virtual world of business.

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