The Covid19 pandemic came like a bolt of lightening that set fire to our lives.

As frightening as that was, it allowed us the time to reassess what truly mattered to us as individuals.

Eighteen months on and still in the grips of uncertainly as a result of Covid19, it is reasonable to say that we have had to dig deep and find the strength and will power to keep moving forward. 

Although unnerving for many, those that were willing to do so unearthed an insight into their true potential as well as recognising their true value to our world today.

When faced with adversity we have two options;

  • To hide beneath the noise and hope it will settle backdown to the way it once was
  • Or stand tall with our head held high to see the potential opportunities.

Will it be easy, hell no but isn’t that when we feel most alive?

When I think back to the times in my life where I had to choose, I realise now that the only person that was holding me back from moving forward was myself or should I say my ego.

Like all aspects of life there are two sides to everything including our ego, the positive and negative side.

Unfortunately our “ego” has us believe that not facing our fears is a positive thing, when in reality it prevents us from growing and living the life we truly deserve.   

It’s only when we truly face our fears that we expose our true strengths, our own self-belief and an understanding of our hidden values.

When this occurs we can begin to live our lives to the best of our ability.

If you find yourself feeling the fear and wondering what this human experience is all about, perhaps now is your time to ask yourself;

  • What IS your true potential? 
  • What value CAN you bring to this world? 

Are you ready to join the “generation resignation” who have decided to hold their heads high and tap into their true potential with the view to starting their own business?

I’m here to support you push through your fear to clarify what value you too can be to others.

Reach out when you’re ready and lets see what adventure your ego has been holding you back from going on!

In the mean time why not see for yourself what others have said about how my support has helped them on their journey.

Yours truly,

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