When you look in your mirror reflection what do you see? 

Do you see a face that reflects the struggles of your past that seem to happen over and over again? 

Our struggles tend to be based on our personal understanding of what life should look like, which tends to be based on our beliefs learned from past experiences. 

In my previous Blog “Choose Wisely” I delved a little deeper into this idea.

When we understand this we give ourselves a chance to take control of our destiny and to envisage what our lives could look like.

It is by no means an easy process, but it is necessary so as to help us learn to let go of what it is that holds us back from creating the life we desire.

In choosing to let go, we give ourselves permission to move on from the process of “controlled thinking”. We learn to step into a place of empowerment where we make decisions from a place of joy, excitement and self-belief. 

Now I choose to live my days with the understanding that the past is the past, the future has yet to arrive and when it does it will always be in the now! 

I choose to live my life in the “now” where I stop wasting energy on the past and focus on the present so I can be happy with what I achieve every day. 

Set aside 30 minutes every day


When you make time for yourself each day and get into the habit of doing the following you will be amazed how good you will feel.

1. Reflect on what you are grateful for in your life at that moment

2. Be honest and write how you feel in that moment (good, bad, indifferent)

3. Write down what you wish to achieve that day that will have you feeling content at the end of your day

4. This is not for everyone but don’t underestimate it’s power – write a letter to your Soul and listen for what it has to say (nothing is off limits)  


What better way to start your day than to be excited about all that you will achieve!

So what do you choose?  

Are you ready to let go of the past?

Are you ready to stop trying to control your future and learn to enjoy the “now” so you too can feel empowered?

I’m here to support you in letting go so that you too can start to create the life you deserve and desire.

In the meantime why not check out my latest service where as a registered Flow Consultant & Mentor for the GeniusU.com group I can help you reach your full potential by guiding you through the process of learning how to focus on your natural talents.

Reach out when you are ready and lets see what adventure awaits you.

Yours truly,

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