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What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant is a term used to describe individuals that provide a remote service to businesses. An accurate definition would be a “highly-skilled, independent professional who provides remotes support in a variety of tasks relating to administration, technical and/or creative skills”. The abbreviation VA is also used. It is not dissimilar to the idea of a Personal Assistant or PA, only as a VA you provide a service as a self-employed individual and therefore can work for more than one client at any one time. While the term “Virtual Assistant” in recent years has also been associated with artificially intelligent bots that have limited capabilities, for example chat bots on websites where you initially may believe you are speaking to a human being, the difference here is that you are a human being and far more capable of handling a host of business-related tasks which can save a business client time and money.
Who can become a Professional Virtual Assistant?
Any individual that has several years on-site experience working for organisations and considers themselves as highly-skilled professionals with a strong administrative background along with niche skills. Often those that have established themselves as professional virtual assistants, have held positions as office managers, personal assistants, administrative assistants or indeed have specialised in a niche area but also confident in their administrative skills e.g., Digital Marketers, Graphic Designers, IT Support, SEO etc
I am confident I have those skills why do I need to train as a Virtual Assistant?
If you believe you have the right skills and confidence then the simple answer is you don’t! The question you should be asking is “are you confident that you have the right skills to start your own business?” Working for another business Vs starting up your own business requires a very different skillset. You will need to know how to register your business, set up your accounts, carry out market research, market your service, negotiate with potential clients, set up social media accounts, email Management tools and potentially build a website etc.
What will I learn from this Virtual Assistant Training Course?

The 6-module training course “The Early Days of a Virtual Assistant” focuses on providing you with very clear guidelines on what the role a Virtual Assistant is. It will help you clarify your skillset so you can decide on what niche service(s) you wish to offer to your ideal clients, again providing guidelines on how to find and recognise them. The course will also cover how to manage client expectations in a way that you set boundaries with clients from the start and how to manage your time so that you can create a work/life balance that does not result in you feeling burnt out.

Starting a business is very exciting and daunting at the same time. It’s natural to want to take on every opportunity that may come your way, but taking on the wrong opportunities can have a negative impact on you and your business if you are not clear on what you offer. Taking the time to clarify the above from the start will go a long way to helping you grow your business.

How will I learn the other skills required to start my Virtual Assistant Business?

Along with the 6-module training programme, you will have an opportunity to purchase individual mini-courses that will cover all aspects of starting a business. A discount rate will be offered on these mini-courses should you purchase one of the 3 package options available to you which can be found HERE.

The mini-courses are separate to the “Early Days of a Virtual Assistant” course. This decision was made to ensure that all package options could be provided at a competitive price point and to also allow you choose and complete the mini-courses relevant to the different stages of setting up your virtual assistant business.

Where do I take this training programme to become a Virtual Assistant?

The 6 modules are pre-recorded videos and can be completed in your own time. Each module comes with support documentation to help you as you work through each module. Each module links to the previous module and it is recommended that you complete one before moving to the next. When you purchase the package option of your choice, you will be provided with your own dedicated log-in details to access the training videos on our website www.reva.ie and the support documentation can be downloaded.

How can I engage your service as a Business Mentor?

If you choose the “Ready to Rock as a Virtual Assistant”  package you will gain access to the 6-week group mentoring option. The group will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants and will be scheduled for 1.5hrs per week on a chosen day of the week Monday to Friday. In advance of each group mentoring session, you will be asked to submit your questions prior to the agreed day to ensure your questions are covered. During the live mentoring session, you will be given the opportunity to engage 1:1 with me to ensure I have answered your question(s) clearly. In the event you cannot make the live group mentoring session, these will be recorded and a link to the working session will be shared by email.

The benefit of the group mentoring session is that other participants may ask questions you have not thought of, so it is an opportunity to learn from each other over the 6 weeks. It is also an opportunity to get to know others who are participating in the training whereby you can support each other outside of the group sessions.

If you choose the “Mastering my Virtual Assistant Business” package, as well as gaining access to the group mentoring sessions, you can avail of 6 x 1hr 1:2:1 mentoring calls with me directly over a period of 6 months where I provide direct mentoring support to guide you through the process of setting up your virtual assistant business.

Do I have to live in Ireland?
No, this is available to Virtual Assistants globally. However, all training materials will be provided in the English language and as best we can will be approached from the position that information shared is relevant regardless of your location. Group and individual mentoring sessions will be arranged based on GMT time zone. Prices will also be quoted in Euro (€).
Can I pay by instalments?

There are some payment options available:

“Early Days of a Virtual Assistant” – full payment only. Automatic access to training materials provided
“Ready to Rock as a Virtual Assistant” – 2 instalments (50% up front / 50% by wk. 3)
“Mastering my Virtual Assistant Business” – 3 instalments (50% up front / 25% by wk. 3 / 25% by wk. 6)

Please note where a default on a payment arises, we have the right to charge interest at 8% above the Central Bank of Ireland’s rate on any outstanding fees and/or delete your account so access to the training materials, videos, downloads, closed group sessions is removed.

What other benefits will I gain from signing up to this virtual assistant training programme?
Should you sign up for a package that involves either/or group mentoring or 1:2:1 mentoring support as well as gaining access to training material designed to help build and grow your virtual assistant business, you will benefit from engaging with like-minded individuals through a close Facebook group for additional support. For those that complete the training and take the steps to starting a VA business, at our discretion we may arrange an introductory call with businesses that contact REVA directly seeking VA support. This introduction would be based on what we know of you and the service you provide so that it matches the need of these businesses. This would be an additional service provided by REVA for a nominal introductory fee or may occur under the guise of you signing up as an Associate VA.
If I have questions while working through the training courses, where do I go to ask them?
There is a private Facebook group for people who have purchased the programmes that include group or 1:2:1 mentoring. Here you can ask questions, and feedback and assistance will be provided within 24hrs of posting your question. Alternatively, those within the group can also provide feedback if they feel confident, they can help.
I’m still not sure this is for me what should I do?
I understand that this may be a big decision for you and you may need further clarification to decide if this is the right option for you at this time. It’s also important that you feel I am the right Mentor to help you start your own business. To help, why not book a Discovery Call and let’s help make up your mind.

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