Value Lies in Helping Others Succeed

“The biggest take away I got from participating on this programme was clarity around what I could offer, the importance of clear communication with clients and the value of developing great relationships in business. I can now clearly see what services I can offer and am excited about the future. I loved the training and the lovely group Vicki created. She is a great trainer, and I highly recommend her training. So if you are considering this program you should go for it! Especially if you are unsure what your next move should be.”

Valentina | Holistic Health Sector

“Having come through this programme my biggest take away was that every individual has something of value to offer and the importance of taking enough time to look at ourselves, our skills and the people we would like to work with. It was an eye opener to see that tasks I find easy could be valuable to someone else. As a result of doing this program, I am now more organised and I have clarity on the direction I would like to go. The Talent Dynamics profile and debrief session allowed me to fully appreciate the importance of 'being in your flow' and now that I feel I've found that, I'm going to take every opportunity that comes my way. I would highly recommend Vicki's course. In the zoom group sessions her expertise really came to the fore. She helped all participants in different ways. Any questions we had, even unrelated to the course, she managed to answer. Everyone was given equal opportunity to contribute in each session. She always listened attentively. There was a very positive energy during all of these group sessions.”

Bernie | Health & Fitness Sector

“Through engaging with Vicki, I have learnt that I have more strings to my bow than I realised. Vicki’s program made me realise that I had pigeonholed myself in a very small box for a very long time, and she gave me the startup tools I needed to get out of it. Since completing Vicki’s training program, I have signed up to a Spiritual Development Course, to help further my skills and knowledge in this area. With the intention of developing a new career for myself. I would highly recommend this training program to anyone who feels stuck in a rut, and needs help finding their skill sets. Vicki can help you discover your full potential, both personally and professionally. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vicki for all the effort and time that she put into this program. Her wealth of knowledge and experience was immeasurable. She tailored the program to include everyone on it, giving us all input into our own individual potentials.I thoroughly enjoyed the program and found the Zoom meetings a huge benefit, being able to discuss issues with other women in a safe, non judgemental space, it was very therapeutic.”

Julie |  Medical Health Sector

Vicki helped me identify my niche service and realise the value in it. The step by step detail in the modules really walk you through the whole process from identifying your niche to on boarding clients and how to manage this. The whole process was made so easy and the templates provided were useful when taking on my first client a few weeks after completing the course. The support from Vicki and the group was great throughout the course. For anyone considering this course I would say "go for it". Although I was unsure at first if I would be suited to this course or if there would be a market for what I could offer I’m so glad I did. I have now taken on my first client thanks to Vicki’s recommendation and am already engaging with another potential client.

Claire | Finance Sector

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