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Vicky encouraged me to do the Talent Dynamics Profile and then did a debrief with me to help me understand where my flow is – that is, what are my strong areas of work. Not only did I learn to appreciate what I can do and what I am good at doing, I also learned about the types of people who compliment my flow, those who can bring what I don’t have to the table. It was a thoroughly informative and eye-opening piece of work and I would seriously recommend anyone who is feeling a bit perplexed or uncertain about what they should be focusing on and accepting what they might be struggling with to take part. Not only is the flow learning worthwhile, the interaction with Vicki during the debrief brings confidence and comfort – her calm and personable approach is just wonderful.

Annette Maughan | CEO, Moy Valley Resources

My session with Vicki has helped me recognise my strengths and weaknesses and how best to play to my strengths. I now see the importance of knowing my “why” and I am going to dive deep and think more about my career options. The Talent Dynamics assessment has given me an idea of who I need to connect with to help me with the areas of a business I would struggle with. I'm going to upskill/retain in an area of work I know I would love to do. When I’m ready to start my business I will know how to bring myself back into flow when working in areas that are not my strength.

C Rafter 

Vicki fully met my expectations and more with this session, with accurate analysis and fantastic feedback and further advice given. I now have a clear plan and route to follow to meet my future career goals and have received relevant guidance and understanding around how to achieve this, helping me to see what I need to do to be able to move on in the right direction. I feel the 1:1 advice I received will benefit me to move out of the areas I feel I am 'Stuck' with in my business. I now have the confidence to take on board advice I was given and I have already started to build an action plan and am optimistic I will stick to the advice given as I feel that this is the best way to move toward the direction I need to be going in to make my career successful. Thank-you!!

Paula O Connor 

Vicki gave great insight into the type of worker I am and I am very excited about moving forward into a career as a VA. The Talent Dynamics assessment really did resonate with me and it reminded me that I need to be true to who I am in relation to the type of work I enjoy in order to be happy in my career. I'm going to take a leap of faith in myself and take steps to starting my own business.

A Amberg 

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