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Recommended programs for my training

Google Drive

If you are just starting out in business, Google Drive is a great service to consider.  The default storage service is fine for most users starting out (15GB) offering sufficient space at no added cost. It allows you to create, edit, store and share documents. I particularly like the additional apps such as Keep Notes, Forms, Hangout (video/call scheduler) when sharing/working with clients. In order to use Google Drive, you will need a Gmail account.


Dropbox is another option for cloud-storage, download the app to sync your information to your desktop, phone, tablets and everything you upload will appear in the Dropbox folder on each device. The Dropbox basic provides 2GB for free, and can be expanded if you recommend the service to others.  Alternatively the Dropbox Pro provides 2TB along with advanced sharing controls to set passwords and expirations limits on shared files.

Microsoft One Drive

One Drive should automatically be built into your operating system of Windows 8 & 10. It’s basic free option provides 5GB of free cloud storage with the option to upgrade.  By adding Microsoft Office apps, you can create group working files to share documents to collaborate on. It notifies you when a document has been edited and lets you set passwords for shared links for extra security.  Like all cloud-storage options the more you pay the more storage and functions you can access.


Toggl is a desktop and mobile app that is used to track your time. It’s free to use but like all apps it does have the option to purchase tier services for advanced features.  If you work alone, the free option is just fine. It’s easy to set up, you can set up as many clients/projects as you wish and is a great way to keep track of time spent on projects/meetings etc. when working for clients that pay you for your time and not projects.  It’s also useful to use in own business, to track how much time you are spending on in-house tasks which is useful if trying to decide if you need to outsource.


If you are looking for a time-tracking app that also provides additional services such as invoicing, expensing, project budget tools then you may want to consider Harvest but this would be for a paid option and prices depend on the size of your team.


This is a great productivity tool that can help you plan, manage and track workflow for tasks and project work. What it doesn’t do is provide resource management tools, budgeting or expense tracking. See it as a productivity and collaboration tool to manage you and/or a team’s workflow.  Like many of these apps they offer basic options and then move up in price based on number of team members. I would recommend using the free version first to get used to it before deciding if you want to upgrade for access to additional features.


Another collaboration app to consider is Trello. It is a basic user-friendly UI and is suitable for smaller projects but it shouldn’t be considered a project management tool as it doesn’t have Gantt charts, time-tracking, progress reports or billing function. Again, you get what you pay for, but if working on your own the free version is sufficient.


Looking for a way to have papers signed as a softcopy?  Check out DocuSign as an electronic signature software solution.  It’s not free but you can test it for the first 30 days to see if it suits you needs.  All documents signed using the software are legally binding and supports all types of documents for example PDF, .docx, .xlsx, .txt.  The benefits of DocuSign is that it accelerates the transaction process, reduces costs and improves visibility & control on your documents.


Fed up of trying to remember your passwords?  LastPass could be the solution to your problem. Open an account but remember this is one password you should never forget!  If you do, it’s near impossible to get back in.  You can store passwords, bank details, etc. and you can even share with others so if you are working remotely with a team and they need access to your systems you can add them to the list.  There is a free version which again is fine if working on your own but as your business grows you may want to consider paid option which start at $4/user/month.


Looking for a way to transfer large files that just won’t go as email attachments?  Then WeTransfer is an option to consider.  For 1 user you can upload up to 2GB for Free, it’s easy to use and takes no time in sending.  Depending in the size of file however may determine how long it takes to download the other side.


A great tool for setting up designated time slots for client calls, appointments, events or group sessions.  A little tricky at first to set up but once you have, you don’t need to make any changes.  Share a link with a contact and they get to choose the date and time of their preference to schedule a call, appointment etc.  It can be integrated with Zoom, TEAMS and Hangout for video calls.

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