Wake Up Your Intuition

Wake Up Your Intuition

When We Learn to Follow Our Intuition, Life Becomes Clearer

Let me start by saying that I firmly believe that our intuition only ever wants the best for us.  It has no agenda other than to help us grow and evolve in the best possible way.

So, if following your intuition leads to a more fulfilling life than why would you choose not to?

When you choose to listen to your intuition and trust that it has your best interests at heart what could possibly go wrong?

Of course it’s not an easy process at first, as it’s a contradiction to what you have most likely always done. 

But let me ask, did you do what you did because others told you what to do, or because you choose to do it based on knowing what was right for you?

When we trust ourselves enough to know that we can do whatever we need to, we become stronger, braver and start to believe in ourselves.

We stop seeking complete guidance from external parties as we learn to listen to what is being said and to trust our own intuition to know what is best for us.

I believe we have all the knowledge & wisdom within us without having to rely on others to find the solution to our problems.

When you trust yourself to make the right choices for you, only then are you truly in control of your life.

A life where you see and go beyond you limitations, you become more curious, you want to explore this world and want to learn through experience of engaging with other like-minded individuals.

Simple Steps to Help You Awake Your Intuition


1. COMMIT – make a commitment to yourself that you are going to make the effort to start to hear/listen to your intuition

2. BECOME AWARE – without judgement try and become aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions – let them come up and let them go without attaching to them

3. ACT – on your impulse before your mind convinces your otherwise – actions that will not cause harm to you or others that is! If you feel like turning left but your mind says right, go left and see where it brings you, who you meet, what you see – maybe just maybe you will end up being in the right place at the right time for something amazing to happen.

4. FOLLOW – your energy – become aware of who or what lifts you up or what drains you and then choose how to engage.

5. LISTEN – to your gut – notice how your body feels when having to make a choice or decision, do you feel positive or negative?

6. TRUST – if someone or something doesn’t feel right, trust your intuition.

7. PATIENCE – be gentle on yourself, it takes time to learn to trust your gut instinct but the more you do, the more you will be amazed at the synchronicity of life events


The Journey I Feel My Intuition is Taking Me On 


My intuition is ready to explore this beautiful planet but in a way that allows me to continue to support others through my work. 

I am on my personal journey to find the balance of work, travel and volunteering once again.

I want to share my knowledge and wisdom to help others experience life in different ways, all while learning from these life experiences. 

I trust my intuition has my best interests at heart, do you?

Are You Ready to Trust Your Intuition to Know What’s Best for You?


Are you ready to show up and acknowledge what is no longer in your best interest?

Are you ready to listen to your intuition, your truth and gain the confidence in yourself to reclaim your power to better your own personal life?

I’m here to support you in stopping fear dictate how you live your life, and instead begin to live the life you deserve.

Reach out when you are ready and lets see what that life could look like by emailing me here.

In the meantime take a moment to check out my latest service Talent Dynamics where I can help you discover your true potential that follows your path of least resistance.

 Yours truly,

What Do You See in Your Mirror Reflection

What Do You See in Your Mirror Reflection

When you look in your mirror reflection what do you see? 

Do you see a face that reflects the struggles of your past that seem to happen over and over again? 

Our struggles tend to be based on our personal understanding of what life should look like, which tends to be based on our beliefs learned from past experiences. 

In my previous Blog “Choose Wisely” I delved a little deeper into this idea.

When we understand this we give ourselves a chance to take control of our destiny and to envisage what our lives could look like.

It is by no means an easy process, but it is necessary so as to help us learn to let go of what it is that holds us back from creating the life we desire.

In choosing to let go, we give ourselves permission to move on from the process of “controlled thinking”. We learn to step into a place of empowerment where we make decisions from a place of joy, excitement and self-belief. 

Now I choose to live my days with the understanding that the past is the past, the future has yet to arrive and when it does it will always be in the now! 

I choose to live my life in the “now” where I stop wasting energy on the past and focus on the present so I can be happy with what I achieve every day. 

Set aside 30 minutes every day


When you make time for yourself each day and get into the habit of doing the following you will be amazed how good you will feel.

1. Reflect on what you are grateful for in your life at that moment

2. Be honest and write how you feel in that moment (good, bad, indifferent)

3. Write down what you wish to achieve that day that will have you feeling content at the end of your day

4. This is not for everyone but don’t underestimate it’s power – write a letter to your Soul and listen for what it has to say (nothing is off limits)  


What better way to start your day than to be excited about all that you will achieve!

So what do you choose?  

Are you ready to let go of the past?

Are you ready to stop trying to control your future and learn to enjoy the “now” so you too can feel empowered?

I’m here to support you in letting go so that you too can start to create the life you deserve and desire.

In the meantime why not check out my latest service where as a registered Flow Consultant & Mentor for the GeniusU.com group I can help you reach your full potential by guiding you through the process of learning how to focus on your natural talents.

Reach out when you are ready and lets see what adventure awaits you.

Yours truly,

Choose Wisely! Listen to Your Intuition

Choose Wisely! Listen to Your Intuition

If you are not in control of your mind, then who is?


From the moment we are born, the beliefs we develop about ourselves are as a result of the environment we are raised in be that family, community, education or religious influence. 

From early childhood we are influenced by the words and actions of our parents, siblings and indeed extended family and community.

As children we are encouraged to listen to those that know what’s best for us. This of course is based on these individuals personal beliefs developed as a result of their own environment.

As children and young adults, we may know no better, that is, until we start to listen to our own intuition & feelings and start to question that what is being said or done to us. 

If it feels wrong than more often than not it is. So at what stage do we stop listening to our intuition and why? 

Is it because society as a whole fosters the belief in us from childhood that it knows best? 


I Live my Life Based on my Choices


From a very early age I questioned everything around me, I observed, I listened and I thought for myself.

What was being shown to me as the way to live my life felt claustrophobic, stifling and restrained. 

I knew from a very early age that I was going to live my life in a way that allowed for the freedom to think for myself based on listening to my intuition.

I was ready to explore and experience the big, bright, exciting world that was waiting for me and choosing what I felt were the right choices for me as an individual.

Were all those choices successful, no but in hindsight they were choices I needed to experience to become the individual I am today and so therefore I have no regrets.

When we choose for ourselves to decide what is best for us, we accept responsibility for the consequences of those choices.


What is your intuition saying to you right now?  


Are you ready to follow your intuition so that you have a say over your life’s destiny?

Are you ready to live a life that can lead to feelings of security, freedom, liberation and joy? 

Is this your time?  Choose wisely for you only have one opportunity to make the most of this lifetime.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith in yourself and your future? 


I’m here to support you push through your fear to clarify what that could look like for you as a unique individual.

Reach out when you are ready and lets see what adventure awaits you.

In the meantime why not see what others have said about how my support has helped them on their journey.

Yours truly,

Are you part of the “great resignation” generation?

Are you part of the “great resignation” generation?

The Covid19 pandemic came like a bolt of lightening that set fire to our lives.

As frightening as that was, it allowed us the time to reassess what truly mattered to us as individuals.

Eighteen months on and still in the grips of uncertainly as a result of Covid19, it is reasonable to say that we have had to dig deep and find the strength and will power to keep moving forward. 

Although unnerving for many, those that were willing to do so unearthed an insight into their true potential as well as recognising their true value to our world today.

When faced with adversity we have two options;

  • To hide beneath the noise and hope it will settle backdown to the way it once was
  • Or stand tall with our head held high to see the potential opportunities.

Will it be easy, hell no but isn’t that when we feel most alive?

When I think back to the times in my life where I had to choose, I realise now that the only person that was holding me back from moving forward was myself or should I say my ego.

Like all aspects of life there are two sides to everything including our ego, the positive and negative side.

Unfortunately our “ego” has us believe that not facing our fears is a positive thing, when in reality it prevents us from growing and living the life we truly deserve.   

It’s only when we truly face our fears that we expose our true strengths, our own self-belief and an understanding of our hidden values.

When this occurs we can begin to live our lives to the best of our ability.

If you find yourself feeling the fear and wondering what this human experience is all about, perhaps now is your time to ask yourself;

  • What IS your true potential? 
  • What value CAN you bring to this world? 

Are you ready to join the “generation resignation” who have decided to hold their heads high and tap into their true potential with the view to starting their own business?

I’m here to support you push through your fear to clarify what value you too can be to others.

Reach out when you’re ready and lets see what adventure your ego has been holding you back from going on!

In the mean time why not see for yourself what others have said about how my support has helped them on their journey.

Yours truly,

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